Reflection on Exodus 2:1-10: Faith, Surrender & Redemptive History

22 09 2009

This passage highlights the faith of Moses’ mother, as she let go of her son. It was up to God now; she had done all that she could do. So she places him in a basket and essentially gives him to God. This act of faith is met by God’s gracious providence in which he not only blesses this risky move by keeping the child alive but makes it part of the grand story of redemption. You have to wonder how hard it was for Moses’ mother to come to the point where she was ready to let him go, and then to get him back and nurse him for a few years, only to let him go again when he was adopted into Pharaoh’s household. It must have been so bittersweet. She must have been overjoyed that her son was still alive and being cared for, but it must have ripped her heart out to see him adopted into the family that was persecuting her people; she must have wondered if he would lose his identity completely and join in the persecution of the Israelites. What is worse?: For your son to die, or for your son to live and end up persecuting his own family? Moses’ mother’s humble surrender of her son, as much after he was saved as when she placed him in the water, is an amazing act of faith.

 This made me think of two things. The first is that my Mom always refers to us as her arrows. She did what she could while we were in the quiver, and now she has shot us out into the world, and chosen to let go of us, and trust God to care for us, and to use us for his glory.

 The other is the general theme throughout the Old Testament especially of sons surrendered in faith or thought to be lost, and how these stories may be a foreshadowing of the God who would surrender his son to what seemed to be a very bad situation, death on a cross. But like the stories of Abraham and Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, Moses and his mother, and Hannah and Samuel, the agony ends in redemption. The story of the Prodigal Son also seems to play into this theme. And our own story of salvation as told by Ephesians 2. We were as good as dead, but Christ made us alive.

Where is God calling you to have faith today? What is he calling you to surrender? What are the hard things in your life that God may actually be using for good? Do you realize that you are part of God’s story of redemption? Are you in awe?

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